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Abdulrahman Saadoon

It’s been very easy and convenient to use H.Prime for the assessments and for all components of the WBA program, thanks for all the hard work I’ve really found it easy, faster and more convenient than paperwork.

Dr. Stephen

Very easy, well laid out and fields assessing the candidate easy to comprehend. The candidate was exceptional so there was no hesitation and I've had frequent ward contact.

Hannah Mangan

This form was quick and easy to fill out, and the questions covered a range of different elements related to healthcare needs.

Jacinda Kirwan

I think this is a great form to provide feedback regarding the Doctors we work so closely with.

Louis Angelopoulos

Extremely convenient filling out the electronic version rather than paper feedback.

Elizabeth Hindle

The form was well organised and easily understood.


Hprime is excellent and is performing good.

Vicki Wilson

Easy to complete but ample room to provide useful feedback.

Hannah Canda

Great pointers for effective and accurate assessment.

Nikita Sidhom

This is a great new feature! Thank you!

Dr. Thomas

Very easy to fill out

Jananee Srinivasan

Easily accessible and mobile friendly.

Binesh Gurung

User-friendly. Easy to use.

Ali Ward

User friendly and easy to follow.

Ms. Donna

Clear and easy

Arya Balakrishnan

Very precise and to the point.

Mr. Ravi

Easy & useful

Dr. Sivatharisini

Very easy to use

Dr. Yaseen


Thwin Bape

Thank you

Tanya Brown

Very easy to complete.

Dr. Seyamand

Simple and clear

Matthew Revell

Straightforward concise survey.

Amy Smith

Good questions that pertain to practice.

Deepak Chhabra

Very easy to submit

Lessa Howie


Shannon Dilernia

Thumbs up!

Cameron Hunter


Varadaraj Sridharan


Jodie Mqucas

Very easy

Dr. Deo

user friendly

Tania Iobach

Very user friendly

Johann Gildenhuys


Murray Webbu

I enjoy using the electronic assessment forms

Sandip Anand

Easy process of submission

Ashley Wyborn

Wonderfully easy! Much easier than printing and faxing forms!

Flavia DaCosta

Definitely better than hard copies

Steven Bollipo

Good method of assessment. Easy to do.

Mikaela Pescante


Linda Camps

Very user friendly and efficient

Maree Ellicot

Allowed for sufficient input, excellent

Catherine Wiles

Signs amazing

Ian Pickup

Very easy to manage

Gimhani Weerakoon

Could do it on my phone

Vineetha Edirisoorya

Didn't take more than 5 min.

Benjamin Kemp

Easy, smooth, accurate representation of competency.

Seah Peng

Very happy with hprime.

Murray Webber

Online scoring works well

Bernard McClement

Preferred over the oldie paper form

Murray Webber

This was the first time I had used the portal for a Case Based Discussion and it worked very well.

Shyamala Pradeepan

Very good

Matthew Shepherd

This is a very user-friendly system

Tim Cowan

Online platform works great

Sandip Anand

Though this was my first time, from entry to submission were easy and smooth

Taylor Martin

Easy to fill out, no issues

Rini Johnsin

Best wishes to the doctor

Johann Gildenhuys

I think this new electronic system is very efficient

Anna Wells

Easy to use

Hassan Suradi

Very user friendly

Lillian Fitzpatrick

Easy to use

Rajeswari Radha Krishnan

I enjoy doing it online

Oliver Targett


Gracie Sasongko

Easy to navigate

Louis Al-Saleem

Intuitive system, easy to navigate and use

Muhammad Kamail


Wala Marjen

So easy to complete

Nicole Payne

Convenient and user-friendly

Manovarman Selvanathan

Simplifies the feedback process

Hsui Yang Wong

Great and easy set-up, thanks

Nicholas Oliffe

Intuitive layout

Wala Marjen

So much easier and neat with this system

Elizabeth Gatens

Once I got my form, it worked really well

Kate Melville

Superior to paper

Jun Jie Chau

Easy to fill and coordinate
  • “We cannot thank your team enough, the huge improvements in H.Prime has dramatically reduced our workload and has improved the effectiveness of the WBA program. We hope many other providers will also get to benefit from this wonderful software. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    - Nikita Sidhom, WBA Project Officer

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