H.Prime Features


Pre-Built National Assessment Forms

  • 360 Multi-source assessment tools
  • Mini Clinical Examination Exercise
  • Case Based Discussions
  • In-training assessments
  • PGY Mid Term and End Term Assessments
  • Direct observation of procedural skills
  • Surveys and Post-Workshops Evaluations

Forms are customisable and tailored according to each hospital


WBA/PGY Assessment Process

  • Automatic email reminders 
  • Automatic push notifications in H.Prime Mobile App  
  • Setup bulk assessments 
  • Notifications and updates on assessments  
  • Status of JMO’s assessments: planned and completed  
  • Simplified search  
  • Easy PDF download after assessment completion  

Paperless assessment on a secure electronic platform


Digital Assessment Sign-Off

  • Fill and Sign off assessments in Mobile, Ipad or Computer  
  • Secure Signature Capability  
  • Signature Verification Capability  
  • Optimised for mobile and Ipad screen  

Manage EPAs anywhere anytime


360 Multi-Source Feedback Assessment Process

  • Set up nomination process in minutes  
  • Automatic email alerts to nominees 
  • Status of assessments 
  • Automatic aggregate results in a report as required by AMC 

Goodbye spreadsheets and manual data entry


Dashboard and Reporting

  • Aggregate reports  
  • Competent and Non-Competent reports  
  • Analytics available on dashboard  
  • Customised reporting for hospital  
  • Customised Microsoft BI integration  

Better reporting ensures good governance, excellence and transparency


Logbook and E-portfolio

  • Logbook  
  • E-portfolio available for Junior Doctors  
  • Built-in Australian Curriculum Framework  
  • Integrated with H.Prime Mobile App

Organised learning ensures quality education and wellbeing


Med Ed Resource Share

  • Share ROVERS  
  • Share Orientation Handbook  
  • Share Hospital Policies and Procedures 
  • Support: PDF, DOC, PPT, MP4, etc file formats  
  • Supports External Link: YouTube 
  • Simplified Search and bookmark

Better orientation and resource share at your fingertips


Attendance and QR Code

  • JMO can mark attendance in events/workshops via QR Code
  • Automatic report on attendance
  • Customised reporting
  • Share educational resources with colleagues via QR Code

Easy paperless attendance


Med Ed Workshops and Events

  • Send RSVP to JMOs  
  • Push notifications on H.Prime Mobile App  
  • Automatic reminders 
  • Customised reporting on attendance and evaluations 
  • Send any files as attachments along with workshop invitation

Paperless management of workshops: RSVP, attendance and evaluations


Post-Event/Workshop Evaluations

  • Push notification about post-event evaluation  
  • Sign off Post-Event Workshop Surveys and Evaluations 
  • Customised workshop evaluation forms  

Evaluations at your fingers



  • Plan and set up bulk rotations
  • Share rotations in App
  • Push notifications and reminders of rotations in App

Goodbye spreadsheets



  • Communicate with your colleagues on App
  • Bulk Email Set up for the Administrator

Streamline communication process


Contact Directory

  • Address Book in App
  • Easy Communication

Stay connected with your peers via H.Prime

  • "For ten years now, we in HNELHD have been using a paper-based method of distributing and managing our WBA and Prevocational Assessment Tools. Whilst this paper-based method had been effective over the last decade, HPrime will revolutionise the way the assessment tools will be distributed and completed in 2020 and beyond. We have identified improved efficiencies of upto 70% with this cost-effective system. HPrime has been instrumental in transitioning from paper based to a secure and confidential electronic platform. HPrime is mobile, easily accessible and available at users’ fingertips."

    Kathy Ingham Senior, Operations Manager
    Hunter New England Local Health District
  • “HPrime has improved the collation of Mid Term and End of Term assessments in a way I could not have imagined. The process has been simplified and saves us so much time. Being completely electronic, it leads to much less time spent chasing JMOs to complete the hard copies, as well as hours saved by scanning the paper forms. We are easily able to change supervisors, and the JMOs can request this online. With the supervisors being assigned in HPrime, it also prevents JMOs having registrars or doctors more senior than them, (but not a recognised term supervisor) complete their forms. Everything is much more accurate. It is relatively simple to use. The training session with Angela was short, but succinct. I have only had to call the Prevocational Network 2 or 3 times for assistance. Each time, Angela has been able to instantly answer the question. Loving the system!”

    Crystal Tindall, JMO Manager
    Calvary Mater Hospital
  • “We cannot thank your team enough, the huge improvements in H.Prime has dramatically reduced our workload and has improved the effectiveness of the WBA program. We hope many other providers will also get to benefit from this wonderful software. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    Nikita Sidhom, WBA Project Officer
    Central Coast Local Health District
  • "In Late 2019 I attended a presentation for the hPrime Assessment software. Soon afterwards I came to the realisation that this program was the answer to our antiquated paper based model. Since implementation of hPrime I have acted primarily in an administrator role and it was easy to see the significant impact the program has had in reducing the workflow and volume of work created by the enterprise module that Hunter New England Health District followed. I highly recommend this program for any organisation or business that relies on performance assessment processes, there is less stress on medical administrators, less demands, fewer enquiries to the office and more importantly less room for error. Innovation of performance assessment is here, take up this contemporary opportunity – you will be amazed by this amazing solution."

    Angela Lawrence, Prevocational JMO Education Coordinator
    Hunter New England Local Health District
  • "From 2017 the CCLHD Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) candidates have completed all assessments using the H.Prime System. H.Prime is an easy to use and efficient electronic platform that enables the WBA program to ensure that each assessment meets the Australian Medical Council (AMC) guidelines. From initial consultation H.Prime has provided ongoing immediate assistance with any of our concerns and has been able to meet all of our various requests thus tailoring the program to meet our needs. H.Prime has enabled improved efficiency and ensures that we are meeting the AMC requirements. This software program has an easy to use interface and vast versatility, the responsiveness of the support team has been outstanding and is a major benefit of this fantastic program."

    Central Coast Local Health District

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