H.Prime Features

Plan hundreds of rotations and assessment requirements within minutes

  • Set up rotations and requirement records in minutes using the bulk feature.
  • Automated system email notifications are sent to each trainee for their rotation and requirements.
  • Assessment forms such as Mini-CEX1, DOPs2, CBD3 and Mid-Term/End-Term are pre-built in H.Prime.
  • Wizard-like rotation set up makes the system handling convenient for the administrator.

1 Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise, 2 Direct Observation of Procedural Skills, 3 Case-based Discussion

Track assessments, due dates and send reminders in one click

  • The administrator can check all assessment statuses for example, Overdue, Awaiting Sign off, Awaiting Nomination, Completed, Pending in the one place.
  • Various filter options allow you to track the progress of an individual candidate or multiple candidates.
  • Email communication feature provides the ability to send reminders in bulk with ease.
  • Candidates and assessors receive assessment due date alerts in their email and H.Prime.

Automated email notifications sent to Assessors, Junior Doctors, Sign off authority and Administration

  • Assessment requirements are automatically emailed when created by the administrator.
  • Automatic email reminders are sent to assessors/supervisors to remind them of assessment due dates.
  • Assessors/supervisors receive an auto generated reminder email when submissions have not been made.
  • The administrator receives an alert email when assessments are submitted by assessors/supervisors.

Plan and manage events, seminars, workshops, send invites, receive RSVP’s and mark attendance with ease

  • The administrator can set up various types of events for training needs.
  • The centralised calendar on the H.Prime dashboard keeps candidates informed about upcoming events.
  • Enables you to send invites and receive RSVPs in bulk easily and without hassle.
  • Enables you to mark attendance on an iPad at events.
  • Gauges audience feedback via an automatic post-event survey form.
  • What’s CPD? Include like in the first block (e.g. the administrator)

1 Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise, 2 Direct Observation of Procedural Skills, 3 Case-based Discussion

Single platform for Junior Doctors to plan and record their learning activity

  • Trainees can plan their learning activity term-wise for better organised and focused learning.
  • Trainees utilise Australian Curriculum Framework (ACF) domain for their learning activities.
  • Trainees can set reminders and the due date for each learning items planned.
  • The Supervisor can supervise trainee’s learning plan by making comments or add learning items for them.
  • Trainees can record various learning experiences during their term in different situations.
  • Trainees can attach learning materials such as documents, presentations and videos to their learning plan.
  • Centralised and organised learning plan can provide them with more clarity.

Resource sharing functions that give you central control of all the resources

  • Use H.Prime a central platform for all the learning resources for your candidates.
  • Without a powerful search and categorisation of resources, candidates find exactly what they need.
  • All standard types of files supported such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, MP4 and MP3 etc.
  • Pull reports, who is accessing what resources, collect more data for the research purpose.
  • Share even external resources, such as YouTube and Dropbox Links.

Well-defined and easy 360 Multi-Score Feedback Assessment process

  • The administrator can assign and initiate the nomination process for multiple candidates in minutes.
  • Candidates receive an email alert to submit the nomination via H.Prime in one click.
  • The administrator receives nominations alert on H.Prime centrally.
  • The administrator sends the 360 form link to nominated assessors with a pre-built email in minutes.
  • Nominated assessors submit the form using the form link in their email.
  • H.Prime receives all the submissions and aggregate results in a report required by the AMC1.

1 Australian Medical Council

Pre-built assessment forms e.g. Mini-CEX, DOPS, CBD and In-training Assessments

  • The administrator can set up various assessment requirements with or without rotations in minutes.
  • Assessments form such as Mini-CEX1, DOPs2, CBD3 and Mid-Term/End-Term are pre-built in H.Prime.
  • Edit the form design with ease and comfort using our dynamic form designer.
  • Candidates and assessor receive assessment alerts in their email and H.Prime.
  • Assessor submits the form even on the candidate’s iPad using their physical electronic signature.
  • The administrator receives the submission on H.Prime in one place and sign-off.

Email communication functions that can replace your Outlook program and gives you more flexibility

  • Centralised monitoring and control of what is being sent via a single platform.
  • Email template options to send frequent emails without writing them again and again.
  • Scheduled email options to compose and send later on specific date and time.
  • The administrator can see all the emails either sent by System (automated) or by the administrator.
  • Better communication control by the administrator with H.Prime than the usual Outlook email program.

Comprehensive dashboard and reporting

  • Concise and aggregated progress and status on the dashboard provides a clear picture to the hospital administration.
  • Consolidated reports and charts give management a strong control on the training progress.
  • The dashboard provides panels for events, assessment alerts, newly added resources, important links, roster information and the whole system navigation.
  • Customised Microsoft BI can be integrated for the research purpose.

A responsive design runs on Desktop, iPad, Android or any mobile device

  • H.Prime runs on any screen size including desktop, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.
  • The screen automatically adjusts the layout based on which screen you are running the system.
  • All you need is the internet and a device to access H.Prime platform.
  • Well-layout, user-friendly to use with complete help and support.
  • “We cannot thank your team enough, the huge improvements in H.Prime has dramatically reduced our workload and has improved the effectiveness of the WBA program. We hope many other providers will also get to benefit from this wonderful software. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    - Nikita Sidhom, WBA Project Officer


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