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H.Prime has been developed by hospitals, for hospitals over the past 12 years. Pinpointing the key issues Australian teaching hospitals are facing in WBA administration, especially dealing with candidates assessments. The administrator and their assistants have an immense amount of paperwork to handle for the candidates. There are thousands of emails and forms to deal with manually (printing, scanning, marking and aggregating results) to distribute forms and track submissions. Currently assessment forms such as 360 Multi-Score Feedback, Mini-CEXs, CBDs, In-Training Assessments, DOPS are cumbersome and time consuming for administrators.

H.Prime's "Online Solution" is specifically designed for WBA providers; not only as an assessment platform but also administering events, workshops, resource share, rotations and communication all centrally managed by a single administrator.

360 Multi-Score Feedback Assessment

  • Use the prebuilt 360 Multi-Score feedback form or design your own.
  • Easy to use assessor nomination and submission process.
  • Automated email reminders for due dates.
  • Automatic aggregation of the final scores for all candidates.

Mini-CEX, DOPS, CBD and In-training Assessments

  • Built-in all standard assessment forms for WBA and PGY programs.
  • Design your own forms and customise the existing ones.
  • Assessment forms are optimised to use on iPads and all types of mobile devices.
  • Automatic reminders for due dates.

Events, Seminars, Workshops and Meetings

  • Easy access to all the events via dashboard calendar panel.
  • Associate CPD hours with events for the candidates.
  • Integrated survey form for post-event feedback from attendees.

Sharing Learning Resources

  • A central place for all the important resources for learning and teaching needs.
  • Permission-based access to the resources.
  • All standard types of files supported such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, MP4 and MP3.
  • Pull reports of who is accessing what resources and being able to collect more data for research purposes.
  • Share external resources, such as YouTube and Dropbox Links.

Communicate Effectively with H.Prime

  • Centralised monitoring and control of what is being sent via a single platform.
  • Scheduled email options to compose and send emails at a later date and time.
  • Better communication control by the administrator with H.Prime than the usual Outlook email program.
Benefits for a WBA Provider (Hospitals)
  • Improves organisation’s efficiency and less number of resources to manage the WBA program.
  • Saves time and cost which leads to increased productivity.
  • Transformation from old paper-based/manual process to a new modern online centralised process.
  • Enhances management research using the reporting platform.
  • Centralised tracking and management of all the assessments required in WBA program.
  • Organised, secure and quick access to information.
  • Better decision making and planning for new intakes.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainability evolves the organisation image.
Benefits for an Administrator of a WBA Program
  • Bulk assessments setup for hundreds of junior doctors within minutes.
  • 360 Multi-Score Assessments are automated and much easier to manage.
  • Centralised tracking and processing of all the assessments.
  • Easy events management, resource sharing and email communication.
  • Automated email reminders eliminate the need of chasing candidates daily.
  • Aggregated and customised reports for Hospital Management and the AMC.
Benefits for Candidates and Assessors
  • Easy access to all assessment forms on an iPad and other mobile devices.
  • Physical electronic signature option to submit the assessment forms.
  • Clear and organised one place to see all assessment requirements and their status.
  • Timely email notifications and reminders to keep everyone on track.
  • Easy access to educational resources such as videos, documents, forms, and presentations.
  • Upcoming events on dashboard and real time communication.
  • “We cannot thank your team enough, the huge improvements in H.Prime has dramatically reduced our workload and has improved the effectiveness of the WBA program. We hope many other providers will also get to benefit from this wonderful software. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    - Nikita Sidhom, WBA Project Officer

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